Hands-on Engagement Course of Enterprise Security

As information security is increasingly valued, hands-on drills increasingly intensify with a larger scale, and enterprises are paying more and more attention to hands-on engagements. Given that various online and offline training exchanges are mostly about attacks and there are few courses from the perspective of hands-on engagement defensive counterattacks nowadays, this course starts from the perspective of defenders and mainly encompasses courses such as the construction of security operation system, attack detection and abnormal behavior monitoring, log analysis and emergency response, tracking, traceability, interception and counterattack.

Lecture Introduction

Chen Ran (b0b@c), security operation director of Internet Security Department of Qianxin Group, is responsible for internal security virtual red team and anomaly detection rules, including Intranet penetration, threat intelligence, attack simulation, attack feature extraction and detection rules engineering. He is currently committed to building actual combat attack simulation and testing capabilities based on ATT&CK model under a safe operational framework.

Course Price

USD 1,150 per person

Early Bird Price

USD 1,000 per person (Early Bird Price will be closed at (UTC+8) 23:59 24th October 2020)