Could Blockchain be the Key to Securing IoT?

IoT devices represent one of the largest threat surfaces we’ve ever seen, and manufacturers as-yet have no clue how to secure them. The solution may stem from an unlikely source: blockchain.
By now, it’s no secret that Internet of Things (IoTs) security is a mess, nor is it a mystery why. IoT represents something of a renaissance for multiple industries and verticals. Hundreds−perhaps even thousands−of organizations are tapping into technology like connected sensors and cloud platforms to deliver a better experience to their users.
You’ve doubtless heard of blockchain, the ‘distributed ledger’ tech that acts as the under-the-hood infrastructure for cryptocurrency like bitcoin. How it works is deceptively simple. In blockchain, the records in a data chain are distributed across multiple systems.
Blockchain might not be the golden goose to all of IoT’s security roles. But at the very least, it will prove invaluable in addressing data privacy and protecting data streams across connected devices. It’s a good first step – even if there’s still a long way to go.
Source: NETWORKComputing