Call for Paper

According to the statistic of Gartner, the global network security industry has reached 98.986 billion US dollars, and total market share of North America, Western Europe and Asia-Pacific was over 90 %. Among them, North America, dominated by the United States and Canada, was the largest market globally and the market reached 40.876 billion US dollars in 2017, an increase of 9.2% over 2016; Europe, including Britain, Germany and Finland, reached 26.729 billion US dollars in 2017, an increase of 6.5% over 2016; Asia-Pacific, including Japan, Australia, China and India, reached 22.508 billion US dollars in 2017, an increase of 9.5% over 2016. Therefore, Asia-Pacific market is a promising market.

Chengdu, as the core area of information security industry in Western China and the top area in China, establishes an information security industry ecological system from design, research and development to production and manufacturing. Meanwhile, Chengdu promotes the integration and development of information security industry with new economy especially in the field of cloud security, big data security, IOT security and industrial automation control system security. Based on “Chengdu Information Security Industry Five-Year Plan”, the scale of Chengdu’s information security industry will exceed 50 billion by 2022.

Informa Markets, the organizer of Black Hat, will integrate the resources of Dark Reading and Information Week, and hold INSEC World 2019·Chengdu on October 20th-23th under the strong support and guidance from Chengdu Municipal People’s Government. All kinds of experts in IT industry will be welcomed to attend this grand event including representatives, CEO, CIO or CTO from governments, relevant industry associations, research institute and overseas and domestic IT enterprises from upstream and downstream industry. Combining professional conferences with exhibitions, INSEC World 2019·Chengdu aims to neutrally focus on the latest technology, practical application and management issues of the industry.

Now the INSEC World 2019·Chengdu Advisory Board is accepting proposal. Sincerely we look forward to hearing your expertise and we thank you in advance for your support and commitment.

June 28th, 2019

Topics (include but not limited to)

Keynotes: analysis of top-level design and development of information security from a macroscopic perspective

Application, Technology and Management Track:
Security Management: What are the risks to IT assets? How does an enterprise manage its IT assets effectively? Including topics such as situational awareness (SOC/ISOC), emergency response, DevSecOps, compliance management, etc

Identity and Access Management: How does an enterprise achieve successful IAM and what risks to IAM? How to effectively manage and protect IT assets for enterprises by IAM?

Cloud Security: Some topics involving cloud security risks and its solution. Such as security challenges of virtualization technology to cloud computing; cloud identity management; cloud infrastructure security; anti-DDos attack, etc.

IOT Security: Some related topics about IOT security challenges, privacy protection and how to reduce security threats, involving some practical applications such as industrial automation control system security, IOV security, smart medical equipment, etc.

Block chain: application of block chain in information security; block chain encryption technology; information storage and anti-tamper via block chain technology Endpoint Security: Some related topics about how to ensure endpoint security, such as endpoint protection/anti-virus, advanced defense tools, anti-vulnerability tools, endpoint detection and response and main frame protection

Data Security: some related topics about data encryption and protection, data leakage prevention, database security, data security solutions

AI: some topics related to application of artificial intelligence in information security, such as threat intelligence analysis, advanced threat protection (APT), forensics and traceability, network traffic analysis (NTA)

Mobile/Wireless Security: some topics related to application security, endpoint security, business security, 5G communication security

Presentation Formats
30-min Lectures + 5-min Audience Q&A
Lectures are issue-oriented, providing concrete examples, and containing both practical and theoretical information. The speech length is 35 minutes in total (including 5 minute for answering questions from the audience), and generally we make the assumption that there will only be one speaker. We welcome as many styles and types as possible. Please inform the advisory board in advance in the case that you may require a second speaker to involve.

*NOTE: We do NOT supply any hardware (like laptops) for the attendees. If you need them to bring anything with them, this must be CLEARLY stated in your abstract.

Submission Form
The submission form will ask you for these six key items:
1. Contact Information
Please provide full contact information and include a short biography and one headshot photo.

2. Session Title
Please provide the speech title both in Chinese and English.

3. Session Description
A description of your presentation as you would have it appear in the conference program in 300 words or less.

4. What knowledge will the attendee gain or benefit from attending your session?
In 200 words or less, describe what attendees will learn from your session.

5. Outline/Extended abstract
Provide a description of your presentation in greater detail, absolutely no proposal will be considered without it. You can either enter your extended abstract in the provided text box, or upload a text file (in .txt format). For submissions using the input box, please limit your expanded description to 500 words. For submissions using the file upload, limit your expanded description to one to two pages.

6. The organizer will publish your speech information before the conference. If you do not agree, please specify

Speaker Expectations
When you agree to speak at INSEC World 2019·Chengdu, you are making a commitment to deliver a well prepared talk and to speak on the topic you have proposed. We ask that you do not drastically change the submitted topic or content. The talk you present must be the talk that was submitted and accepted.
We expect our speakers to submit a presentation in both English and Chinese version for the online conference archives. The submitter also agrees to be available to present his/her session during any day of INSEC World 2019·Chengdu.

Submission Process
The Advisory Board will review and rate submissions based on the following criteria:
Concept: This is the basic idea of your submission. Is it interesting? Is it relevant? Will it be beneficial for game developers to hear? There is plenty of room for innovative ideas and also the tried and true.

Depth: Is the basic idea well considered and thought out? To what extent will the audience gain insight? The more in-depth, the better.

Organization: Are your ideas conducive to present in front of an audience? Will the Advisory Board understand what you are trying to say? Organization helps. Credentials: How do your credentials qualify you to speak on the topic you have proposed?

How do I propose a vendor-specific session?
We want our talks to be opportunities for cloud computing professional to share their ideas and experiences. Proposals that are commercial or marketing in nature will not be considered. In general, content specific to proprietary products and technologies is considered sponsored material. The Advisory Board and conference management reserve the right to exercise their editorial discretion.

If you would like to publicize a product, please contact our sales team for more information on sponsorship opportunities, including sponsored sessions (single lecture, full-day/half-day workshop day).

When will I be notified of the status of my submission?
You will receive an automated email response once your submission is received. The Steering Committee will notify all submitters regarding the acceptance of their proposal(s) by Jul. 26th, 2019. If you do not hear from us, please contact Ms. Kathy Ren (

Thank you!