Advisory Board

*No Particular Order.

Binxing Fang

Chief Advisor

Academician, Chinese Academy of


Fang Binxing is an expert of Network and Information Security Expert, an academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering and the honorary dean of the Institute of Cyberspace Advanced Technology, Guangzhou University. He is also a director of the National Engineering Laboratory of Information Content Security Technology, a director of the China Chinese Information Society, a director of the China Network Space Security Talent Education Alliance and the chairman of the China Cloud Security and Emerging Technology Security Innovation Alliance. He has won the national scientific and technological progress of the first and second prize six times, provincial and ministerial awards more than ten times. He has won the honour of the national outstanding professional and technical talent as well. Besides, he has completed three books and more than 400 articles. At present, he is mainly engaged in the Internet of things and security, network attack and defence confrontation, large search, cloud computing and security, smart city security and other research on key technologies.

Jian Chen


Ping An Group


“Over 18 years of experience in InfoSec, IC, IA and Risk Management, and more than 10 years in the online anti-fraud field. Chen joins Ping An Technology since April 2015, in charge of information security and internal management role. Now Chen is responsible for Ping An Group’s information security, focusing on building security abilities and applying security abilities to the professional companies. Chen is entitled to several international certificates listed as CISSP, CISA, ITIL, Cobit, ISO 27000 LS, PMP, Future S ITGM® Award 2014 winners, and the Top 10 XXX of Ping An Technology in 2015 and 2017.”

Pengfei Dai

Leader of Data Security Department



“Dai is an Information Security Expert with 15 years’ experience within the industry who graduated from Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications. He has served as security technology manager of NSFOCUS, Senior Security Expert in Alibaba, Security and Anti-fraud Director in PING AN Technology. Currently, he is the Director of Data Security Department, member of Data Committee and Security Committee in Mei Tuan.
Dai is mainly engaged in data security situation awareness, intelligence and response, big data security platform. He has completed the design of data security system, big data platform security framework, anti-fraud intelligent engine, user account management, UEBA and other products. Dai is also familiar with the risk management and cybersecurity framework in each link of large-scale internet enterprises.
He has published “” Intranet Account Security “”, “”Black Infernal Affairs: Practice in Black Threat Intelligence Work””, “”Secrets of Information Leakage from Online Purchasing Analysis””, “”P2P Financial Security Analysis””, “”Explore secrets in Domestic Underground Data Trading Market””, “”Thinking on Big Data Security Protection””, “”Internet Financial Black Intermediary Guide””, “”Hadoop Security Guide””, “”UEBA Architecture”” , “Consideration on Security of Large-scale Multi-User Data Platform” and other well-known articles in the industry.”

Yuan Fan




Fan is the Chairman and President of Das-Security. He is the first Chinese to make a speech at the Black Hat. He has thorough research to IoT Security, Industrial Internet Security, Cloud Security, Big Data Security and Smart City Security. He is the editor-in-chief of the “Smart City and Information Security” publication series; and he is the Standing Committee of Zhejiang Provincial Political Consultative Conference. Vice Chairman of Zhejiang Association of Science and Technology, Member of National Information Security Standardization Committee, Standing Committee of China Association of Cyberspace Security, Standing Committee Member of Security Professional Committee of China Computer Society; Youth Experts with Outstanding Contributions of the National Millions of Talents Project; Innovative and Entrepreneurial Talents of Science and Technology of the Ministry of Science and Technology of China; Outstanding Scientific and Technological Workers of the National Association of Science and Technology of China; Fan has also won the first session of “Network Security Excellent Talents Award” of China Internet Development Foundation, the “Excellent Engineer Youth Award” of China International Scientific Exchange Foundation, the outstanding youth of Zhejiang Province, and the 2016 top ten businessmen in Zhejiang.

Xinhua Ji




CEO of UCloud Information Technology Co., Ltd., former CEO of Sanda Cloud Calculation, former Chief Security Officer of Sanda Online, former Vice General Manager of Tencent’s Security Center, Huawei Manager and more other positions. He has many years of experience in research and development of cloud computing operations, security management, and product developments. He has rich management and practice experience of safety management as well as broad connections in the industry.

Kaida Jiang

Deputy Director

Information Promotion Office,
Shanghai Jiao Tong University


“Jiang is the Deputy Director of Network Information Center in Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Senior Engineer, Director of NOC of Shanghai Node on China Education Net, and Vice Director of Competition Evaluation Board of China Cyberspace Security Association.
He has been involved in a long-term commitment to information security management and technology research; led the team in security vulnerability mining, large-scale Internet security threat monitoring, security emergency response and more related fields for cybersecurity research projects. Jiang has founded and guided the 0ops cybersecurity team which participates in several domestic and international security competitions, and has held a series of international high-level internet security competitions.
He has won the first prize of Advanced Individuals in Education, Outstanding Young Teachers Reserve Talents, Special Contribution Prize for Education, President Prize of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, May 4th Shanghai Youth Medal, IT Youth Prize, and the Top Ten Outstanding Chief Security Officers. ”

Jin Shi

Excutive Vice Chairman

Sichuan Cyberspace
Security Association


” ”

Yale Li


Cloud Security Alliance
Greater China Region (CSA GCR)


Yale Li, Chairman of Cloud Security Alliance Greater China Region (CSA GCR) , Executive Chairman of China Security Alliance of Cloud and Emerging Technology Innovation (C-CSA), Chief Cloud Security Scientist & Fellow of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Senior Fellow & Adjunct Professor at Xi’an Jiaotong University. Yale had been Chief Cyber Security Technologist of Huawei and had been with Microsoft in US for 16 years as the Chief Security Architect and China CISO. He came to Microsoft from IBM in Canada where he was the Chief Technology Architect.

Guangming Lu




“Lu Guangming is currently fully responsible for the overall strategic planning, product development, technology R&D, business management and new market business development of AsiaInfo.
Lu was graduated from the Department of Computer Science, Beijing Jiaotong University. He has over 20 years of experience in product strategic planning and security product management. He has served as the general manager of ACS Software CTC Northern District, Vice President of ACS Software CTC, Vice President of AsiaInfo, etc.”

Hui Lu

General Secretary

The Cyberspace Security Talent
Education Alliance Forum of China


“Lu Hui is the Secretary General of China Cyberspace Security Talent Education Alliance, director of Fang Binxing, Guangzhou University’s Cyberspace Advanced Technology Research Institute, director of the competition committee of the China Cyberspace Security Association, and standing member of the 11th competition committee of the Guangdong Computer Society. He is also an introducing talent of Guangzhou University “”100-person plan””, the member of Shenzhen Ping An Financial Research Institute expert and China Cyberspace Security Association big data security personnel training base technical committee. His main research topics include network automation attack and defence, artificial intelligence security and other work. He has planned and organized the “”XP Range Challenge””, “”specific audio and video analysis system evaluation qualification contest””, “”Strong Network Cup”” network security challenge and other national network security events, and has guided the excellent carnival, XCTF National League. He has participated in the planning and implementation of the “China Network Security” national multi-station activities as well. ”

Rui Lv

General Secretary



Minhu Ma

Director, Suzhou Cybersecurity Law
Institute, XJTU

VP, Network and Information Law
Institute, China Law Society


Ma is the professor and Doctoral Supervisor of Xi’an Jiaotong University, Chairman of Suzhou Information Security Law Research Center. Legislative Adviser on Cryptography Law of the State Cryptographic Administration, Vice-President of Society of Network and Information Law of the Chinese Law Society, Vice-President of Cybersecurity Association of China, Director of the Committee on Cyberspace Security Law and Public Policy of Cybersecurity Association of China, Member of the Consultative Committee of Experts on National Industrial Information Security, Senior Member of the China Computer Security Commission, Chairman of Law Society of Information Security Law in Shaanxi Province, first experts from Xinjiang Network Research Online Store, member of Tianjin Network Security and Information Technology Review Committee, member of the Fifth Editorial Committee of Journal of Xi’an Jiaotong University. Since 1997, he has presided more than 40 national and provincial topics of the Ministry of Public Security, the State Information Office, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Justice, the Chinese Academy of Engineering, the State Cryptographic Administration and the National 863 Plan, the National 242 Information Security Plan, and major and general projects of the National Social Science Fund.

Jun Nie

Chief Security Officer and General
Manager of Network Security

Department, Qianxin Group


As the draftsman of Safety Continuity Management of Information Technology Services in the Securities and Futures Industry, a security standard in financial industry, he took the lead in drafting the safe operation standard in financial industry.
Personal monograph Guidelines for Enterprise Safety Construction: Safety Structure and Technical Practice of Financial Industry was published by China Machine Press in 2019;
Specially appointed security expert consultant for multiple large-scale financial institutions;
Member of expert group on attack and defense activities in the financial industry of Guangdong Province, 2019;
Lecturer of network security entrepreneurship class of Zhengqi College, 2019;
One of Shenzhen industrial development and innovation talents, 2018
Vice chairman of network security committee of Shenzhen FinTech Association, 2018
Member of DRI China Committee since 2016
Liaison officer of High-level Steering Committee of CBRC, 2014
Research on Information Technology Risk Monitoring Model and Early Warning Mechanism of Commercial Banks won the second prize of the 2014 CBRC Banking Information Technology Risk Management High- level Steering Committee Project Research, 2014
Personal WeChat public account “Junge’s experience” registers a subscription of 20,000 security professionals
Won 11 network security technology patents
Professional certification: CBCP, CCSE, JNCIS, Prince2 Practice, CISS

Quan Peng

Famous Information Security Expert



The first generation of hackers of China with over 20 years of practicing experience in the cybersecurity industry and an excellent individual in cybersecurity protection for major national events, he served as a cybersecurity consultant for many financial institutions, Internet companies, central enterprises, state-owned enterprises and government institutions and a cybersecurity expert for China Association for Science and Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Guangdong Provincial Information and Cybersecurity Disclosure Center, Computer Information Network Security Association of Guangdong Province, Shenzhen Municipal Public Security Bureau, Shenzhen Science and Technology Innovation Commission, Shenzhen Asset Management Association, etc.. He participated in cybersecurity system construction and security assurance work of multiple institutions.

Jianfeng Tan

Honorary President

Shanghal Information Security
Trade Association


“Senior engineer, member of the CPPCC National Committee, Executive Committee of the National Federation of Industry and Commerce, founder and chairman of PeopleNet. Founded in 2007, PeopleNet is the leading enterprise in the field of identity authentication in the domestic information security industry. PeopleNet has applied for more than 100 national patents, and the core technology has been recognized by the Chinese Academy of Sciences as the national enterprise which can reach the international advanced level, is the formulator and pioneer of the relevant standards of domestic information security.
Now he is the president of Shanghai Information Security Industry Association, vice president of Shanghai Information Association, Standing Committee of Shanghai Youth Federation, member of National Information Security Standardization Technical Committee, member of National Cryptographic Industry Standardization Technical Committee, etc. He has won the National Top 10 Network Security Talents Award, China’s Internet Security Industry Leader, Leading talents in Shanghai, Shanghai Top 10 Outstanding Youth, Shanghai Top 10 Outstanding Youth Science and Technology Contribution Award and so on; “”Internet and Security”” industry model advocates.”

Xiaosheng Tan

Founder and President

Beijing Genius Cyber Tech Co.,Ltd


“Tan was the CIO and CSO of 360 Group and the network security expert of the Network Security Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security. In 2018, he was awarded as the outstanding network security talent of the China Internet Development Foundation, elected as the board member and deputy secretary general of the China Computer Society (CCF). And Tan was the high-end leader of Zhongguancun in 2012.
He had worked in Xi’an Jiao Tong University, Peking University Founder, Shenzhen Hyundai, Haoxin Shenzhen and more. He has been engaged in research and development of an anti-virus system under the DOS operating system, disk encryption system, Chinese operating system and large-scale information management system. In 2003, he entered the Internet industry and served as 3721 Director of Technology Development, Yahoo China Director of Technology Development, Yahoo China CTO, MySpace CTO and COO. In 2009, Tan joined Qihu 360 as an expert in cloud computing infrastructure, information security and information index.”

Zhihong Tian


Cyberspace Institute of Advacned
Technology, Guangzhou Univeristy


Ph.D., Professor, Ph.D. Supervisor, President of Guangzhou University’s Cyberspace Institute of Advanced Technology, General Secretary of The Cyberspace Security Talent Education Alliance of China’s Competition Committee. Ling-Nan Talents Reserve Project Candidate, Guangzhou University “Hundred People Project” Academic Leader, Guangzhou Outstanding Expert. Tian was the Supervisor of the Harbin Institute of Technology’s Computer Network and Information Security Research Center (Beijing). He has focused on Cyber Security issues research, such as Cyberspace Range, Cyberspace Attack & Defense, Cyber Forensic and more. Being as the project manager, he has led several projects of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, the National Key Research and Development Project, the National 863 Project, the Central Cyberspace Administration Project. And his research has been awarded by Qian Wei Chang Chinese Information Processing Technology Primary Award, Heilongjiang Province Technology Progression Second Prize, Heilongjiang Province High School Technology Progression Second Prize, and he has awarded several letters of thanks or awards by Central Cyberspace Administration, National Computer Networking and Information Security Management Center and Cybersecurity Association of China. Finally, Tian has published more than 140 essays, 20 patents through the domestic and overseas journals and conferences including IEEE Network, TII, TVT, IoTJ, INS, FGCS, T-SUSC, ISCC, GLOBECOM, WWW.

Huaibin Wang(Content Advisor)


Shanghai Yinian Information
Technology Co.,Ltd.


Convenor of the Working Group on Network Security Awareness Training of China Network Space Security Talents Education Alliance, Graduated from Electronic Engineering Department of Fudan University with MBA degree; Over 20 years’ experience in information security industry, pioneer and leader of information security education and consulting industry, put forward and construct information security vocational education system; Established Aryasec – China’s First Security Consulting company; Undertaker of the propaganda and education work of industries, communities and schools in Shanghai during National Security Week; Initiator of the Talent Identification and Training Method which based on Network Security Skills Competition; Launching Campaigns of Excellent CSOs in China; Participating in national network security personnel identification and training activities, etc. Wong has raised the development idea of “Consciousness determines Security”, introduces the online education platform of “Enjoying security”, changes cognition, builds human brain firewall, and continuously explores the new mode of network security education in China.

Yuchen Wang

Principal Development Officer
for Security

Lead Architect of Security Solutions




Yunkun Wu


Qianxin Group


“Chairman of Qianxin, Vice-Chairman of Information Promotion Committee of China Information Association, Guest Professor of Cyberspace Institute in University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Vice-Chairman of Network and Security Committee of China Internet Finance Association, Vice-Chairman of Cyberspace Security Expert Committee of China Command and Control Society, member of first Information System Security and Protection Technical Speciality of Equipment Development Department of Central Military Commission Group.
He is long-term engaged in network security related to product planning, market branding and investment and financing management. Wu is focusing on border security, big data security, Cloud security, big data Threat Intelligence and other fields of research. In terms of the development of national network security industry and frontier technology research, he has served as national and provincial project leaders and core technical members for many times, undertook many major special R&D and industrialization projects, advocated the concept of “”data-driven security””, and provided constructive and advanced ideas for the technological development of domestic Internet security industry.”

Feng Xue

Founder and CEO



Xue Feng, founder and CEO of TreatBook, previously served as the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) of Amazon (China), he used to be responsible for the information security of Amazon enterprises and customers in China. Before joining Amazon, Xue was the Director of Internet Security Strategy in Microsoft, responsible for formulating Microsoft’s Internet Security Strategy in China. Xue was the first Chinese speaker at the International BlackHat European Security Conference and Microsoft BlueHat Security Conference. At the end of 2018, Xue won the annual leader award of “Double Push” in Chinese information security industry which was sponsored by “China Information Security”. In April 2019, Xue was awarded the Founder of China Bang Awards sponsored by Technode.

Qing Yang

Head of Tianma Lab

Tencent Security


“Hacker and Security Expert who has been the technical speaker on Black Hat and DEFCON, founder of the well-known security team UnicornTeam and the founder of the hacker innovating culture- HACKNOWN. His researches have been collected into Tesla and GSMA’s Security Hall of Fame, awarded as Top Innovation Award of “Pwnie Awards” which is the Oscar Award in the hacker community, and has been nominated as the top 10 influencers of Chinese internet security “True Views Award” in 2018. Yang is the 51 CTO lecturer, security expert on CNTV’s 《315》 and 《The Century With Cars II》, and the original role of DEFCON China Art Contest Winners and Public Security’s lecture story 《Oriental Hacker》, as well as the male chief actor of China’s first hacker microfilm 《I’m Here》. He is the writer of 《Radio》, 《Hardware》, 《Intelligence Car》, 《Revealing Security Attach and Defence Technology III》, and the English technical book 《Inside Radio: An Attack and Defence Guide》. His security abilities has been reported by Fox, Fox News, WIRED, National Geography, CNET, IEEE Comsoc, BAZAAR Men’s Style and more.”

Yang Yu

Head of Xuanwu Lab

Tencent Security


Yu is the head of Tencent Security Xuanwu Lab, member of the Information Security Teaching Committee of the Ministry of Education, and director of China Network Space Security Talents Education Alliance. He has won the first prize for Information Security Support in the Olympic Games by the National Internet Emergency Response Center and the “Outstanding Engineer Youth Award” of the China Foundation for International Scientific Exchange Foundation of China. Yu is one of the three winners of Microsoft’s $100,000 Award for Vulnerability Mitigation Technology in the world and the only Asian nominee for the “Pwnie Awards Most Innovative Research Award” since its inception for 10 years.

Jingping Chou




Jingping Chou, Chief Security Officer and Director of 404 Laboratories of Knownsec, is known as the “legendary hacker” and “King of Vulnerabilities” in the field of security. He has put forward a variety of offensive and defensive technological innovations that have been widely concerned and recognized by the industry, especially in mining, some of the results are leading the security world, and a large number of vulnerabilities have been submitted to many home and aboard companies such as Microsoft, Apple, Adobe, Tencent, Ali, Netease, Baidu and Sina. In 2015, 2016 and 2017, Chou has been selected as Microsoft MSRC’s global annual TOP100 thank-you list for three years in a row.

Yaojiang Zhang


Anzer New Media


As the founder of ARYASEC Consulting, the earliest specialized information security consulting agency in China, and Anzer New Media, a specialized media of information security, Zhang Yaojiang is a witness, observer and communicator of China’s network security development.

Xiaojun Zhu

General Secretary

Sichuan Big Data Industry Federation


Zhu Xiaojun, expert in the digital field and the suggesting-making expert of United Front Work Department outside of the Party, and the Standing Vice Chairman / Secretary General of Sichuan Big Data Industry Federation.
With more than 10 years of research and practice experience in the field of informatization integration application, Zhu holds 3 invention patents and 1 patent for utility models and was once appointed as a suggesting-making expert of United Front Work Department outside of the Party and a member of Think Tank on Economic System Reform of Chengdu Development and Reform Commission from 2018 to 2020. Having worked as a senior executive of three domestic listed companies and founded a high-tech enterprise, he led the team in his practice to complete the planning, design and implementation of multiple smart cities and Industrial Internet. Typical projects include the remote supervision and emergency response platform of Administration of Work Safety of Sichuan Province (now named Department of Emergency Management of Sichuan Province), and the emergency management system of PetroChina Southwest Oil & Gasfield Company, etc. In 2016, he was awarded “Venture Star of Chengdu in 2016”, and in 2020, he was awarded “2019-2020 Rising Cloud Stars in China of the Cloud Connect China 2020”.

Meghan Reilly

Group Director, IT Portfolio

Informa Tech


Meghan serves as the Group Director of the IT Media brands, which includes Interop, Dark Reading, InformationWeek and Network Computing. She rejoined UBM in 2016 after spending six years helping build Code for America, a national non-profit focused on improving government services through technology. She served as Chief Administrative Officer, and had responsibilities for operations, finance, HR and legal as well as their annual event, the Code for America Summit. At Informa previously, she left as the Associate GM on the Web 2.0 and Gov 2.0 events, co-produced by Informa and O’Reilly Media. Her experience in the technology arena includes working on major events such as COMDEX, Interop, Web 2.0 Summit, Web 2.0 Expo, and more. She was drawn to San Francisco after graduating from University of Colorado by The Ritz-Carlton, and spent her early career in the hospitality industry. She’s a mother of two, loves trail running, and happily accepts hot tamales to satisfy her sweet tooth.

Tim Wilson

Co-founder and Editor-in-Chief

Dark Reading


“Tim Wilson is a founding editor of Dark, the IT industry’s most widely-read and comprehensive portal for news and information on cybersecurity. In this role, Wilson is responsible for managing the site, creating and managing online events, and developing new research and special reports. He also serves as track chair for Dark Reading’s sister cybersecurity event, Interop, and contributes content to the Black Hat events.
In 2010, Wilson was recognized as one of the top five cybersecurity journalists in the U.S. in voting among his peers held by the SANS Institute. He also was among 30 journalists to appear on the SANS Institute ballot in 2012 and 2014. In 2011, Wilson was named one of the 50 Most Powerful Voices in Security in research conducted by SYS-CON Media. In 2016, Dark Reading was identified by Apollo Research as the most influential online resource among U.S. chief information security officers. Prior to joining Dark, Wilson was the business editor for Network Computing, one of the industry’s leading magazines for in-depth technology information and product reviews.
A veteran of the IT industry, Wilson has spent 20 years as a journalist, including eight years as a top editor and reporter for CMP Media’s InternetWeek (originally called Communications Week). As executive editor of DataTrends Publications Inc., a newsletter publisher, Wilson founded four industry newsletters on the subject of data communications, edited several others, and wrote a half-dozen books on the topic. Wilson also has served as an industry analyst with two widely-recognized IT consulting firms: Decisys Inc. (now part of Gartner) and Enterprise Management Associates.”

Derek Manky

Chief, Security Insights & Global
Threat Alliances

FortiGuard Labs


Derek Manky plays a strategic and visionary role in consulting with leading CSOs/CISOs of Fortune 500 companies worldwide across multiple industries. He leads FortiGuard Labs’ Global Threat Intelligence Team. He also collaborates with global forums and expert groups alongside leading political figures, key policy stakeholders and law enforcement, including the Cyber Threat Alliance (CTA), NATO, INTERPOL, and FIRST.

Francis Brown

Chief Technology Officer

Bishop Fox


“Francis Brown, CISA, CISSP, MCSE, is the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at Bishop Fox, a consulting firm providing cyber security services to the Fortune 1000, global financial institutions, and high-tech startups. Before founding Bishop Fox, Francis served as an IT Security Specialist with the Global Risk Assessment team of Honeywell International where he performed network and application penetration testing, product security evaluations, incident response, and risk assessments of critical infrastructure. Prior to that, Francis was a consultant with the Ernst & Young Advanced Security Centers and conducted network, application, wireless, and remote access penetration tests for Fortune 500 clients.
Francis has presented his research at leading conferences such as Black Hat USA, DEF CON, RSA, InfoSec World, ToorCon, and HackCon and has been cited in numerous industry and academic publications.
At Bishop Fox, Francis focuses on innovation, driving cyber security research & development, evolving the capabilities of the assessment and penetration testing practice, and leading the thought leadership program. He also manages Bishop Fox’s 6-sigma service quality program and runs internal practice development initiatives.
Francis holds a Bachelor of Science and Engineering from the University of Pennsylvania with a major in Computer Science and Engineering and a minor in Psychology. While at Penn, Francis taught operating system implementation, C programming, and participated in DARPA-funded research into advanced intrusion prevention system techniques.”

Paul Vixie

Chairman, CEO & Cofounder

Farsight Security, Inc.


Dr. Paul Vixie is an Internet pioneer. Currently, he is the Chairman, CEO and cofounder of Farsight Security, Inc. Dr. Vixie was inducted into the Internet Hall of Fame in 2014 for work related to DNS and anti-spam technologies. He is the author of open source Internet software including BIND 8, and of many Internet standards documents concerning DNS and DNSSEC. In addition, he founded the first commercial anti-spam company (MAPS, 1996), the first non-profit Internet infrastructure software company (ISC, 1994), and the first neutral and commercial Internet exchange (PAIX, 1991). In 2018, he cofounded SIE Europe UG, a breakthrough European data sharing collective to fight cybercrime. Dr. Vixie earned his Ph.D. from Keio University for work related to DNS and DNSSEC in 2010.

Tim Virtue

Former Chief Security & Risk Office

Lower Colorado River Authority


“Tim Virtue, CISSP,CFE is a global cybersecurity, technology, and risk management leader. He has extensive experience with publicly traded multinational corporations, privately held businesses, government agencies, and non-profit organizations of all types and sizes with a focus in Financial Services, Management Consulting, and Technology. He is an industry recognized innovator, award winning thought leader, trusted board advisor, speaker, author of several books and an early adopter of emerging & disruptive technology and business trends.
Mr. Virtue holds an Executive Master of Science Degree in Risk Management from New York University, Stern School of Business, an Executive Master of Science Degree in Information Systems from George Washington University School of Business and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice with a concentration in Security Management from Northeastern University”

Monnappa K A


Black Hat Review Board


Monnappa K A works for Cisco Systems as an information security investigator focusing on threat intelligence, investigation, and research of cyber espionage and advanced cyber attacks. He is the member of Black Hat review board and author of the best selling book “Learning Malware Analysis”. He is the creator of Limon Linux sandbox and winner of Volatility plugin contest 2016. He is the co-founder of the cybersecurity research community “Cysinfo” ( His fields of interest include malware analysis, reverse engineering, memory forensics, and threat intelligence. He has presented at various security conferences including Black Hat, FIRST, SEC-T, 4SICS-SCADA/ICS summit, DSCI, National Cyber Defence Summit and Cysinfo meetings on various topics which include memory forensics, malware analysis, reverse engineering, and rootkit analysis. He has conducted training sessions at Black Hat, BruCON, FIRST (Forum of Incident Response and Security teams), SEC-T and 4SICS-SCADA/ICS cyber security summit. He has also authored various articles in eForensics and Hakin9 magazines. You can find some of his contributions to the community in his YouTube channel ( and you can read his blog posts at

Shubham Mittal


Black Hat Review Board


“Shubham Mittal is Director at RedHunt Labs and leads the research around Attack Surface Intelligence and Attack Automation for Enterprises.
He is also the co-founder of Recon Village, an OSINT focused mini-con at DEFCON and co-author of the OSINT Framework – DataSploit. He has trained and presented to various government organizations, security companies and security conferences like BlackHat, DEFCON, HackMiami, NullCon, etc. He has an extensive experience in Offensive as well as Defensive security, Open Source Intelligence and Perimeter Security. He is also an active participant at Null – Open Security Community. He works from the command line, uses vi and loves beer. Twitter: @upgoingstar”

Mika Devonshire


Black Hat Review Board


Mika Devonshire joins the board after 6 years of experience in network defense and hands-on cyber investigations, in Washington DC and abroad. She applies the latest methodologies, principles, and tools—incident response, IoT forensics, and memory analysis—to her roles building out forensics labs at private sector firms and now as a part time consultant. She comes from a liberal arts background, Princeton University, then studied computer science and completed a Masters of Science at George Washington University.

Aloysius Cheang

Board Director and Executive Vice
President Asia Pacific

Centre for Strategic Cyberspace +
International Studies (CSCIS)


“Aloysius Cheang is a senior corporate executive with extensive experience running global businesses. In his line of work, he had managed large multi-cultural, multi-disciplinary team spread across 5 continents and 4 major time zones. Time after time, Aloysius has successfully orchestrated a multi-cultural and multi-disciplinary team globally while fulfilling business requirements in a highly heterogeneous and demanding environment, many a time building up the business from scratch.
Aloysius is Board Director and EVP Asia Pacific for globally respected not-for-profit UK based cyber leadership think tank, the Centre for Strategic Cyberspace + International Studies (CSCIS). He is also a Director with AC3Labs where he provides his expertise advising companies in emerging technology projects, framework agreements and investment, and a co-founder of an IoT security startup called iSyncGroup. Aloysius was most recently Co-Founder, EVP and Managing Director for the Cloud Security Alliance Asia Pacific (CSA) and doubled up as the Chief Standards Officer. Prior to CSA, Aloysius held senior global and regional leadership roles with Vodafone Global Enterprise and PricewaterhouseCoopers, having started his career with DSO National Laboratories SIngapore.
As a globally recognised cybersecurity expert, Aloysius’s professional opinions and viewpoints are highly valued by major media globally such as the BBC, Times Magazine, Wall Street Journal, ZDNet, CIO-Asia, IDC, BankInfoSecurity, Xinhua News, Phoenix News, CCTV, The Hindu, The Times of India, The Daily Star, China Times, Digitimes, UDN, Economics Daily News, SCMP, The Nation, Bangkok Post, Zaobao, Today, The Straits Times and ChannelNewsAsia.”