2020 Sponsors

Platinum Sponsor

As a leading Internet Security brand, Tencent Security is committed to becoming a security strategy officer in the process of industrial digital upgrading.
Relying on more than 20 years of experience in business security operations and black and underground confrontation, Tencent Security has accumulated with top industry security experts, the most comprehensive security big data, adapted with AI technology to build a security strategy for the enterprise.


Pavilion Sponsor

Sangfor Technologies is a leading global vendor of IT infrastructure solutions, specializing in Cloud Computing & Cyber Security with a wide range of products & services including Hyper-Converged Infrastructure, Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, Next Generation Firewall, Internet Access Management, Endpoint Security, Managed Detection and Response, WAN Optimization, SD-WAN and many others. Established in 2000, Sangfor currently has 6,000+ employees with more than 60 branch offi­ces around the world.
Sanfor Industrial Universtry is a core component of Sangfor’s strategy for high-tech talents cultivation . It is dedicated to training cybersecurity and cloud computing talented persons to escort the national IT industry.

Founded in 2014, Qi An Xin Technology Group Inc. (hereinafter referred to as QI-ANXIN, stock code: 688561) is focusing on cybersecurity market, providing new generation enterprise-level cybersecurity products and services for government and enterprise users. Years of R&D and capabilities accumulated from offense and defense practice have made QI-ANXIN the leading provider of cybersecurity in China, with technical advantages in big data, AI, and security operation. And QI-ANXIN also became the official cybersecurity services and anti-virus software sponsor of the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games Beijing 2022.


Gold Sponsor

Checkmarx is the global leader in software security solutions for modern enterprise software development. Checkmarx delivers the industry’s most comprehensive software security platform that unifies with DevOps and provides static and interactive application security testing, software composition analysis and developer AppSec training to reduce and remediate risk from software vulnerabilities. Checkmarx is trusted by more than 40 percent of the Fortune 100 and half of the Fortune 50, including leading organizations such as SAP, Samsung and Salesforce.com

Shanghai AnGeek Technology Co., Ltd. is dedicated to cybersecurity in the digital era today. By building software-defined boundaries around identities instead of being network-centric, and by combining AI and big data, enabling organizations to achieve all-in-one cybersecurity risk protection with AnGeek’s independently developed and intellectual property rights solely owned zero-trust SDP cybersecurity products.

Shanghai Tanze Information Technology Co.,Ltd, founded in 2017, Shanghai – PRC.
As one of the fast-growing information security companies in China, Tanze is committed to provide customers with comprehensive and effective information security defense and response solution (i.e. NG-DR) and help customers measure, manage and control potential cyber risk of all circumstances.
Since 2017, both Tanze products and security solutions have been helping hundreds of organizations and companies who had suffered unexpected enterprise information security crisis.

Cyberbit is the leading provider of cyber ranges. Our customers include Fortune 500 companies, telecom operators, MSSPs, system integrators, police departments, governments, militaries and higher education institutions, jointly running over 100,000 training sessions annually across 5 continents.



ThreatBook was founded in 2015, has raised hundreds of millions of CNY in D round of financing and grown up as the leader of the next generation security provider. ThreatBook is in forefront of protecting hundreds of large organizations in China by delivering innovative products and services base on the Threat Intelligence. ThreatBook was the only Chinese representative vendor listed by Gartner’s Market Guide for Security Threat Intelligence Products and Services for 3 times (2017, 2019 and 2020).

Tencent Security Response Center is the online platform for Tencent security team to cooperate with security researchers and partners around the world to create a robuster cyber security eco-system.
Our daily work include operating the Threat Bounty Program, monitoring and analyzing security threats and vulnerabilities of the products, helping developers to fix vulnerabilities and releasing alarms to all customers, helping our users recover from security incidents quickly and effectively, tracing the source of attack accurately, etc. Please join us .

Macrowing Software Technology Co., Ltd ( Macrowing) is a leading ECM and Intelligent big Data Management provider in China.
With original core technology and Multiple industrial applications, We’ve built a complete and open unstructured data management system.Macrowing has now provided service to more than 3,000 government and enterprise customers, helping to comprehensively improve their data to content to knowledge and finally to intelligence.

Founded in 2016, MoreSec Technology is an emerging cybersecurity company in the era of cloud computing, committed to becoming a security partner trusted by customers.
MoreSec Technology has launched the next-generation enterprise security system of DevSecOps and AISecOps throughout the entire business life cycle.
With the complete SDL/DevSecOps solution consisting of “A Platform + Tools + Services”, MoreSec is able to help developers to identify and mitigate risks at the early stage of development, and secure the digital business of organizations; and MoreSec takes the deception technique first released and applied in China as a breakthrough, intelligently combines security data and defense capabilities to form a security operation system for detection, response and decision-making.

Rizhiyi is a simple, powerful and user friendly log management tool. By providing real-time collecting and indexing of logs to provide functions such as searching, analysis, visualization and monitoring alerts, Rizhiyi helps online business real-time monitoring, security information and event management(SIEM),business anomaly positioning, business log data statistical analysis, and security and compliance audit.

Vinchin is a professional provider of data protection solutions for enterprises. It provides a series of data backup, instant recovery, and offsite DR solutions for private cloud, public cloud, and hybrid cloud environments. To let the world use Vinchin’s products is our vision. From the day it was founded Vinchin has been determined to be a global company. As the fast change of IT environments day by day, we are facing the challenge of digital transformation. More and more enterprises are moving businesses from physical environments to virtual environments. How to protect their virtual environments becomes a key problem. Vinchin R&D team has been dedicated in data protection for over a decade, which leads its backup and recovery solutions have been implemented in more than 60 countries and helped more and more customers all across China and global market protected their critical business data. Vinchin was born in China but aims to serve the world!

Feng Tai Technology (Beijing) is specialized in the field of industrial control security, mainly providing professional and standardized industrial control security consulting and evaluation services, ensure the information security of key industrial information infrasturcture and improve security protection solutions. It mainly serves the government, industry customers, design institutions, scientific research institutes, integrators, and software and hardware manufacturers. Through visual and customized tools and methods, it assists users in effective risk management and reliable operation support.
Beacon Lab is affiliated to Feng Tai Technology (Beijing), is the earliest technical team in China who focus on industrial control security attack and defence research. The lab publishes research reports, provides case practices, holds knowledge sharing salons, supports industrial control security attack and defence competitions, hence to help improve safety awareness and skills of industrial users, enhance the capabilities of industrial control safety operation and maintenance of security personnel and enterprises, and ensure the safety of national industrial critical information infrastructure.

Shanghai Yinian Information Technology Co., Ltd. , the leader company in awareness of Cyber Security in China.
Adhering to the core concept of education changing cognition and consciousness deciding security, the company provides teaching content, tool platform, operation services and other supporting solutions for enterprises. 
The company upholds idea to the new changes of education cognition, conciseness making safety core idea, devote oneself to “build the safe human firewall of network space”.


Tianfu New Area Pavilion

Founded in 1996, Venustech Group Inc. is the leading provider of network security products, trusted security management platforms, specialized security services and solutions. In 2010, Venustech went to public on the small and medium-sized board of Shenzhen Stock market (SZ002439).

Hikvision is an IoT solution and big data service provider with video as its core competency
Empower vision for the security and sustainable growth of the world
To explore innovative ways to better perceive and understand the world.
To empower vision for decision-makers and practitioners, and work together to enhance safety and advance sustainable development around the world.

Sichuan Sentry Information Technology Co. , Ltd. is located in Tianfu New District, Chengdu. It aims to assist the CICS-CERT to provide security consulting, product testing, inspection and evaluation, evaluation for Classified Protection of Cybersecurity , training, competition and other services for regulatory departments , scientific research institutes and various industrial enterprises and institutions in Southwest China.

Sichuan CINGHOO Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise committed to providing integrated solutions for network space security and data protection. Its main business fields include electronic data forensics, data security protection for government and enterprises, and network security education and training. Currently, our company’s business covers 31 provinces (cities) in China.


Cyber Pioneering Explorer Exhibitor

Beijing ZHONGTUSHIREN Technology Co., Ltd ,founded in 2018, has initially put forward the concept of “Identity Management Modernization” in China. ID.LINK, our product, built on modern and extensible architecture, uses unified identity map and ABAC access control model as the core technology and is committed to providing the infrastructure level IAM platform for government and enterprise customers under with large-scale application integration, cloud, big data, Internet of things and the Internet and other new technology application scenarios.

Jiangsu Enlink Network Technology Co. Ltd. was established in 2017 in NanJing, Jiangsu province. Enlink focuses on the research & development, sales and services of application access security for cloud. It becomes a famous network security company, which provides products such as SDP (Software Defined Perimeter), CASB (Cloud Access Security Broker), SSL VPN, etc. So far, it has served many industries including education, media, government, telecommunication operators, electric power. ENLINK, passed CMMI 3 certification, has 20+ independent intellectual property rights and 10+ softwares. And it is a member of C-CSA, especially the expert of SDP working group, which is spreading the SDP in China.

“Wuzhi AI” is an AI-driven company founded in April 2019. Enhancing SOAR with NLP technologies, the virtual war-rooms, and more, here we introduce HoneyGuide — a cooperation platform for combating the threats. It promotes automation, speeds up incident response, and elevates the organizational efficiency.

Anxinsec (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. (hereafter referred as Anxinsec) is the first technical service provider in China to protect enterprise host security based on virtualization technology and other advanced technologies.It is devoted to the development of future-oriented security solutions.

Beijing Anydef Technology Co., Ltd. is an innovative high-tech enterprise relying on cryptography and integrating cryptography technology and business scenarios. It has always focused on the research and innovative application of identity authentication security to escort financial technology and the Internet of all things.

Beijing GoldenEye Cloud Technology Co.Ltd. was established in 2016 with a registered capital of 13.72 million yuan and a financing amount of more than 50 million yuan. With the core concept of “Ai driven security”, the company continues to develop a new generation of network security products based on big data artificial intelligence technology, It includes ATD, TFs, CTI, CIC, HTD and deep insight. By the end of 2019, more than 300 customers have been served by Jinjing Yunhua products, and more than 2000 sets of systems are running in the network.

Huaun focuses on network security attack and defense technology research, network security product research and development, and its technical expertise covers vulnerability management, security defense, network countermeasures, red team services, and security research. Huaun is deeply involved in the business direction of vulnerability management, adopts the network security vulnerability metalanguage model, and combines the next-generation artificial intelligence engine based on the knowledge graph to form automated vulnerability mining and utilization capabilities, thereby realizing risk detection, threat analysis, emergency response automation and offense and defense Confronting automation, and developing a new generation of adaptive network security threat management and comprehensive audit system based on this technology.

Shanghai Ninton Information Technology Co., Ltd.Identity security management service provider.China’s top 100 network security, China’s CCIA “potential star”!

BEIJING GEEKSEC TECHNOLOGY CO. , LTD. is the first innovative network security manufacturer in China that produces encrypted full-flow detection products with completely independent intellectual property rights. Based on the direction of intelligent security, the company applies big data platforms and machine learning to the field of network traffic analysis, focusing on key technologies such as encrypted full-flow intelligent analysis, and has formed a number of independent intellectual property rights and software works. The company’s products are used in many regulatory agencies, large state-owned enterprises, and universities. The strong technological first-mover advantage and tenacious game awareness can provide a strong guarantee for the company to maintain technological innovation and product leadership.

Jiangsu Agile Technology Co., Ltd., founded by the global initiative information protection technology original team, is a leading international data security enterprise and a pioneer and leader in the field of data security in China. It is committed to helping various enterprises, scientific research institutes and governments solve data security and management problems.

Feng Tai Technology is a high-tech company specialized in the field of industrial control network security, providing professional and standardized industrial control network security consulting and evaluation services, industrial control network security product development and sales, and integrated network security protection solutions. Headquartered in Beijing, it has branches in Chengdu, Guizhou, Qingdao, Harbin, Tianjin and other regions. It mainly serves the government, industry customers, design institutions, scientific research institutes, integrators, and software and hardware manufacturers. Through visual and professional products and technologies, it assists users in effective risk management and reliable operation support. It has been widely used in the government, scientific research institutes, petroleum, chemical, steel, gas, electric power, non-ferrous metals and other industries.

Tiger amulet is a token used by ancient kings to dispatch troops and generals, which represents an identity authority. Hufu Network is the identity network, which refers to the zero-trust security network based on identity authority. Hufu Network initially adopts a new generation of enterprise zero-trust security architecture to make network resources invisible, and make any access and behavior in the identity network have identity tags, so that hackers cannot initiate attacks and gain insight into user application behaviors, thereby effectively protecting corporate data assets.
Hangzhou Hufu Network Co., Ltd. is a new type of network security company with Alibaba and overseas returnees as the core team and focusing on the “zero trust security concept”, to provide government and enterprise users with professional zero-trust security solutions to create a new generation of network security products and services. Based on more than ten years of actual combat network offensive and defense experience and service experience, the core team of the enterprise is committed to continuous R&D and innovation to reshape the new generation of enterprise security.


Sichuan Big Data Industry Federation Zone

Chainboard is the leading Blockchain&Bigdata solution service provider, who focuses on building the digital basic facilities of credible digital economic society and data application ecosystem, helping economic update and society governing involution.
XSECURE, developped by Chainboard, with technologies like blockchain, bigdata, cryptography (ZKP&MPC), can realize functions like cross-subject data cooperation, secure visit control, data privacy protection and muti-secure calculation, provide all-life-period management service for data collection, transforming, preservation, visit control, trading, secure sharing and supervising.Based on the protection of information security and data privacy technology, Chainboard has provided autonomous, controllable, efficiency, usable, high-performance, expandable software production and service for fields like finance, governing, tracing, intellectual property, aimed at industry application.

Chengdu Zhishen Data Co., Ltd., established in 2018, is a municipal state-owned enterprise in Chengdu, which is subordinate to Chengdu Industrial Investment Group. By establishing a strategic cooperative relationship with University of Electronic Science and technology, Zhishen data has formed an integrated big data product development ecology of “production, learning and research”.

Beijing NationSky Network Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter “NationSky”) was established in 2005, controlled by Tus-Holdings Co., Ltd.(hereinafter “Tus-Holdings”). As one of the oldest professional enterprise mobility service provider in China, NationSky devoted itself in enterprise mobile security and mobility technology research and development. NationSky has provided a variety of enterprise mobile products and services, including mobile portal, mobile device management, mobile IM, mobile email, for large and medium-sized enterprises in the industries like army, public security, finance, telecommunications, energy, etc. NationSky is also one domestic EMM (Enterprise Mobility Management) vendor who is the only one Chinese vendor enrolled in Gartner Magic Quadrant for EMM/UEM in three consecutive years. With years of accumulation of mobility technology, NationSky has formed the layout of cloud computing and big data step by step and has created the integrative service capability of enterprise digitalization as “Cloud-Endpoint-Security“.

Chengdu Aiyibai Network Technology Co., Ltd. is a technology-based company focusing on the field of Internet education. Based on more than ten years of research and development experience of foreign adaptive education products, the founder and his team build an international leading-edge learning engine with complete independent intellectual property rights.
Based on the nano-level knowledge system according to brain science, learning science, cognitive science, primary and secondary school curriculum standards, and the Bayesian network algorithm as the core, the team independently develops adaptive education product Pingcexue. Pingcexue is committed to promoting the development of education informatization, continuing to conduct research and development and the transformation of technology achievements, so that information technology can benefit more teachers and students.

ZM Tech focuses on Artificial Intelligence data services and is a provider of Artificial Intelligence data resources and related data services covering multiple languages and cross-domains.

Chengdu Gaobo Huike Information Technology Co., Ltd., established in April 2014 with a registered capital of 10 million, is a technology driven and service innovation oriented national high-tech enterprise.
Based on the research and development of rich media and space-time big data technology, gaobohuike serves the government, enterprises and institutions such as emergency, water conservancy, public security and energy, telecommunications, education, news, radio and television. The company has been rated as a national high-tech enterprise, shuangsoft certified enterprise and excellent service provider of China National Petroleum Corporation for five consecutive years. Its self-developed products have won 2 national awards, 6 invention patents and 18 software copyrights.

Chengdu Uhome Technology Ltd.is a software and hardware development enterprise focusing on intelligent community,intelligent park and intelligent property.The company is committed to innovate the intelligent operation management mode of community governance and park management, establish a big data cloud platform for intelligent communities and intelligent parks, and create a new generation of intelligent communities, intelligent communities and intelligent parks.

Tanmer is a provider of big data and artificial intelligence products and services, which is committed to large-scale data processing and intelligent analysis services. It is committed to providing government and enterprises with comprehensive services of data collection, data analysis, data application and data visualization in the whole industrial chain, so as to realize the unique competitive advantages and driving innovation business value of government and enterprises in the era of big data.
Tamer has a professional service team. In terms of organizational structure, the company’s technical R & D personnel account for 80% of the total number of employees. In terms of self-developed products and solutions, it has focused on the development and evolution of big data technology, and has formed a series of products and big data solutions for different industries. In terms of intellectual property, it has continuously increased investment in innovation and research of data products, It has more than 50 big data core invention patents and copyrights.
Tamer big data series products support the quick processing of massive data, integrate complete data statistics, analysis and mining environment, and support business scenarios such as business knowledge perception, prediction and early warning, decision analysis, monitoring and supervision, information interaction, etc., to help customers mine the knowledge and value hidden in big data and create new business value for customers.


Sangfor Industrial University School-Enterprise Cooperation Zone

D0g3 Security Research Laboratory, established in 2014,is a very young laboratory in Chengdu University of Information Technology(CUIT). The current head of the laboratory is Threezh1,2018, majoring in information security in CUIT. The laboratory is composed of students who are interested in security technology from various majors of the school, mainly involving web security, virus analysis, penetration testing, analysis of internet black industry chain, vulnerability mining, wireless security and other hot research directions.

Syclover was founded in 2005 by a group of partners who love security technology. We focus on penetration testing, reverse engineering, mobile security, security programming, binary vulnerability mining and utilization and other security technology research directions. The team is committed to become a strong and influential research team in China. The members devote themselves to the research of security technology, and are active in various CTF security technology competitions and vulnerability reporting platforms of major Internet manufacturers.

The information security team joined IT training in 2012. Since its establishment for 8 years, it has participated in various national competitions and achieved excellent results

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