The Four Essential Personalities for a Strong Cybersecurity Team

A security team with a broader view of issues can provide better plans and solutions to problems and the ability to react effectively and quickly in a security emergency.
As cybersecurity threats continue to increase in both complexity and quantity, most organizations are projecting more budgets in order to grow their security teams in 2019. When it comes to picking the right talent, how should a company measure a successful candidate? A recent report identified the ability to work in teams, along with communications and soft skills, as being among the top considerations for hiring and staffing. Many believe that it takes a certain personality type to fit in a cybersecurity team, when in fact a diversity of traits strengthens a team. Varying skill sets that complement each other can bring innovation and better problem-solving skills to an organization.
For instance, a strong network security team is made up of different roles and responsibilities ranging from architects, security engineers, security analysts, incident responders, and forensics experts. These varying roles require planning, attention to detail, creativity, teamwork, and out of the box thinking.
Source: NETWORKComputing