A sensational year-end off-line gala, the 2nd INSEC WORLD will be held in Chengdu soon with keynote speeches spearheaded by 3 Chinese and foreign academicians

       INSEC WORLD, the year’s world information security gala will be held in the Western China International Expo City from November 24 to 27. Under the theme of “New Infrastructure-Security Orientation”, the four-day conference will mainly adopt the offline form, including 2-day advanced training, 2-day keynotes, 6 tracks, and high-quality offline display of information security technologies. Despite adverse factors such as COVID-19, the overall scale, level of speakers and number of audience members in this session will be significantly raised compared with the previous session. By that time, nearly 60 speakers at home and abroad, led by the three major domestic and overseas academicians, will devote themselves to the conference, which will be attended by over 2,000 offline participants and covered by around 100 media. The conference will build an efficient face-to-face platform for vendors to conduct technical discussion and business exchanges, and add human interest to the industry at the end of the turbulent black swan year.

INSEC WORLD 2020 will be held in the Western China International Expo City from November 24 to 27 under the theme of “New Infrastructure- Security Orientation”.

       Heavy-weighted speakers of the conference include Jiangxing Wu, Academician of  Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE) and President of  China National Digital Switching System Engineering and Technological R&D Center (NDSC); Dr. Jie Li, Member of The Engineering Academy of Japan and Professor of Shanghai Jiao Tong University; Bill Roscoe, Fellow of Royal Academy of Engineering (FREng), Academia Europaea, Professor of Oxford University; and nearly 60 guests from leading technology companies, well-known universities and third-party neutral institutions, such as Christophe Poisson, APAC Chief Information Officer of Arkema.

      Quan Peng (PP), a renowned information security expert, was specially invited to call on pacesetters like Goodwell, Binghe, Ben, Lion, Laowang, Frankie and Xundi to form China’s First-generation White Hat” Hacker Talk. They will gather at Chengdu INSEC WORLD to walk us through China’s 25-year security history!

       The presence of such a premium lineup of speakers in Western China Expo City, Chengdu, is quite a big sensation at the end of the year. The conference helps to build “Information Security Infrastructure” for enterprises, which is applauded by numerous well-known international and domestic enterprises as “an annual industry gala to “set the tone of the industry”!

Three academicians will spearhead 60 speakers at home and abroad for a wonderful session!

       Following the successful model of establishing the expert advisory board of Informa Markets-hosted top events, such as Black Hat, Interop, etc., Binxing Fang, academician of China Academy of Engineering (CAE) and the first prize winner of the National Science and Technology Progress Award, will lead the expert advisory board of the conference to tailor the agenda suited for China’s reality most. Many members of expert advisory board will also act as producers and speakers of the selected tracks of this conference based on their respective specialized fields. Among them, Jun Nie and Huaibin Wang serves as the producers of the “CSO Forum” and Mingkun Yuan serves as the producer of the “Intelligent Security Operation Forum”, and Yang Qing serves as the producer of the “Security Innovation Forum”. In addition, the conference has been participated by well-known domestic and foreign companies including IBM, Checkmarx, Tencent, QI-ANXIN, Sangfor, NSFOCUS, Dbappsecurity, and Knownsec

       As a leading city in Western China, Chengdu has huge demand for software research and development, advanced manufacturing, smart economy, and international metropolitan construction. In key fields such as fintech, commercial retail, healthcare, and information technology, information security is of paramount importance. In addition, the introduction of new infrastructure will further expand the digital boundary and promote the demand for information security construction. Having specially invited information security executives from Shenzhen Stock Exchange, NASDAQ listed enterprises, well-known Internet companies and other large institutions and groups in the financial and Internet industries, as well as a roundtable forum composed of Party A’s CSO community, the conference will discuss frontier issues such as “security innovation, enterprise practice” and pool together a wide array of hard-core CSOs.

INSEC WORLD 2020 will be continuously held “offline”.

       As the world’s leading exhibition organizer, the organizing committee of Informa Group will implement the group’s All Secure safety standard worldwide, commit to the cleanliness and hygiene of the conference site, control the crowd density and social distance, and require all participants to wear masks and other personal protective equipment during the session. The conference will cooperate with relevant authorities for COVID-19 tracking register all participants’ ID numbers and facial recognition in a real-name manner. 

       A week away from opening of the conference, you’d better hurry to register on the conference’s official website to re-start the industry meeting and networking!